Brazil Export Consultation
Consultancy Services for American Companies Sourcing from Brazil
Brazil to USA Import Services
We specialize in Importation Services of Goods from Brazil to the United States
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BGC Global is a US Import and Trade Services Provider. We help American companies, entrepreneurs, food manufacturers, merchants, distributors, and any other type of business that sources and imports commodities or inventory from Brazil. The BGC Global Team has in-depth knowledge and direct experience in product sourcing, fabrication, Purchase Orders, Business Regulations and Export Compliance in Brazil. In Addition, we provide an inclusive Import Services from Brazil to the United States. We understand the legal, financial, and administrative risks that our Clients face with every purchase in Brazil or any foreign country, and for this reason we provide services to help our clients feel confident when purchasing and importing their products from Brazil.

Seller Verification

We research your potential seller in Brazil. Verify Business, Export Permit Registration, Consumer Reputation, Lawsuits and Fiscal Situation. 

PO Negotiation

If the Seller does not speak English, we can communicate and negotiate your order on our behaf and translate product specification to English.

Payment Procedure

Review all payment instruction and procedures provided by Seller to ensure it confirms with Brazilian Banking and Export Regulations.

Product Inspection

Arrange 3rd Party Inspections of your product or equipment in Brazil at Manufacturers facility  before payment or Shipment to Port of Origin.

Export Compliance

Review all Export Documents required by the Brazilian Customs. Nota Fiscals, DU-E, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Certification required by ANVISA.

Import Compliance

Ensure that the Product imported into the United States from Brazil adheres to all US Import Regulations of CBP, FDA and other US Agencies.

USA Importation and Trade Services

In conjunction with our Brazil Export Consultation Services, BGC Global offers importation services for Clients Products exported from Brazil and imported into the United States under our Company Name. We import your cargo as “Consignee” to represent both you and your consignment. We provide ISF registration, FDA Prior Notice Registration, Customs Clearance, Import Duties Payment, Ocean Freight / Airfreight Services, as well as Cargo Transportation to your warehouse.

As consignee or Importer on Record, we are responsible for the entry of your cargo into the United States.




We provide ISF Registration, FDA Prior Notice, Lacy Act and other Registrations required by US Federal Agencies for successful clearance of your cargo.




For Cargo entering the US under our Name, we can provide competitive Ocean and Airfreight Quotes from Brazil Origins to US port of entries. 




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