Brazil Export Consultation Services

Looking to source high-quality goods from Brazil? Look no further than BGC Global! We provide expert Brazil export consultation services to American businesses looking to import items from Brazil to the United States.

With over 8 years of experience, we are your go-to import/export consultancy company for all your Brazil trade needs. We provide direction and training in all aspects of the import/export process, from finding trustworthy suppliers to navigating payment, logistics, and importation into the United States.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of support and guidance, while remaining approachable and personable. We understand the challenges of international trade, and our expertise in the Brazil-USA trade corridor can help you develop lucrative global trade operations while staying compliant with import and export regulations.

Don’t let the complexities of international trade hold your business back. Contact BGC Global today and let us help you source the best goods from Brazil for your business needs!

Import and Export Services

  • Compliance Audits and Risk Reports
  • Brazil Duty and Tax Optimization
  • Brazil Compliance Program
  • Brazil Supply Chain Services
  • Brazil Payment Process Solutions
  • Customs Clearance in Brazil
  • Product Classification
  • Government Regulations
  • Shipment Management
  • Logistics – Ocean Freight and Air Freight
  • USA Customs Clearance
  • US Import Permits and Registrations

Export Consultation Services

Brazil Export Process

  • How to Find Reliable Suppliers in Brazil
  • Brazil Export Regulations
  • Tax Savings and Incentives
  • Risk Avoidance Process
  • Communication Process

Seller Verification

  • Review Potential Supplier in Brazil
  • CNPJ Verification in Receita Federal System
  • Seller Business Reputation & Lawsuits
  • Review Seller Product Specifications
  • Export Lisence (RADAR) in Siscomex

Banking Payment Remittance

  • Explain Payment Process for Wire Transfer
  • Review Seller Payment Instructions
  • Provide Additional Payment Options
  • Payment Confirmation with Seller

Packaging and Logistics

  • Provide Best Logistics Options
  • Provide Ocean and Airfreight Quotation
  • Assist Seller with Logistics Coordination
  • Cargo Packaging and Product Safety
  • Logistics Management

Brazil - Exportation Process

  • Manufacturer Exportation Permit (RADAR)
  • Export Documentation Review
  • Brazil Domestic Tax Savings
  • Customs Broker Services
  • Product NCM Classification

USA - Importation Process

  • Product HS Code Classification
  • Review of Documentation for US Imports
  • Submittal of ISF, Prior Notice as Required
  • Customs Clearance at US Entry